Network Installation

Network cabling is crucial to building a reliable and efficient computer network. It involves installing and arranging cables connecting various network devices such as computers, servers, switches, routers, and other related equipment. The primary purpose of network cabling is to ensure uninterrupted and high-speed data transmission within an organization, facilitating seamless communication and data transfer between different departments and individuals. Proper network cabling helps to minimize downtime, improve productivity, and support the overall connectivity needs of an organization.

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network installation

Network Installation

Are you in need of new network equipment or wireless device installation? Maybe you are looking for help with your first network installation. Whether it is a simple project or much more complex, xstrat is your best choice for a network equipment installation provider. Can your small and growing business afford the risk of outdated network systems? We have the experience and knowledge to assist with your data and voice communication requirements.

  • Structured Data Cabling
  • Ethernet Cabling
  • Fibre Optics Installation
  • VoIP Phones
  • Security Cameras

Servers Switches and Access Points

xstrat services include installing and configuring servers, firewalls, switches, and wireless access points to safeguard the entire IT infrastructure. xstrat's expert team also monitors the network's performance, troubleshoots any issues, and manages security to prevent potential breaches or threats. Effective server management is essential in ensuring the reliability and availability of applications and services, which are crucial for seamless IT infrastructure functioning.

network installation

Network Attached and Cloud Storage

Network Attached Storage NAS and cloud backup offer efficient and scalable data storage and protection. NAS devices provide on-premises storage for quick access, collaboration, and seamless data sharing. Cloud backup offers remote accessibility, automatic backups, and disaster recovery. Combining both ensures local accessibility and remote redundancy, enhancing data security and minimizing data loss risk.

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